Program management

Each client works one-on-one with a program manager and coach to develop and Individual Progress Plan that identifies opportunities for growth. Areas of focus include vocational skills, mental and physical health, relapse prevention, spiritual well-being, temporary and long-term housing and life-skill training.   



     Richard Cozza 

                 “when you are down, reach out for help”
          Richard went to jail for six months and Charles Sprague (founder of New Life Transitions) reached out to him with help. Charles spoke about the program and where help can be provided once released. Richard was released and walked into The Old Firehouse in Woodstock being provided clothes and a shower. Richard and New Life Transitions started working on the positive for a better life. Charles became Richard’s sponsor and helped with getting SSI income. Richard turned his life around through these steps taken. He is clean with a great attitude in life. He goes to A.A. meetings and visits The Old Firehouse to continue to connect with others that need help and still receiving confidence and help through New Life Transitions. 


In 2018, this organization will be reorganizing as New Life Transitions of Northern Illinois. We will be focusing mainly on McHenry County. To help us please visit our Go Fund Me Site. Thanks


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New Life Transitions of Northern Illinois

          "Anyone ready to change deserves a second chance in life"