April 20, 2015 - McHenry County Human Race!
New Life Transitions participated in the 2015 McHenry County Human Race. Great success! 

Board Members Needed
New Life Transitions is looking for qualified board members  in a few fields. Click below for more information.

New Life Transitions

Every person willing to change deserves a second chance. 

Programs such as New Life Transitions can help with the high recurrences of problems created or worsened by incarceration:

     *  75% of formerly incarcerated individuals will continue with         a history of substance abuse problems.     
     *  70% of formerly incarcerated individuals will not have a             high school education.
     *  50% will remain functionally illiterate.
     *  19% will have less than 8 years of formal education.
     *  Some will continue to struggle mental health problems             related to incarceration.
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What's New?

New Life Transitions

What Are Our Core Values?

Every person willing to change deserves a second chance. 

Program management

Each client works one-on-one with a program manager and coach to develop and Individual Progress Plan that identifies opportunities for growth. Areas of focus include vocational skills, mental and physical health, relapse prevention, spiritual well-being, temporary and long-term housing and life-skill training.   

Services Provided

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